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Legend Microfinance Bank Limited
RC 205591

Our Vision

Is to be the dominant provider of microfinance service in our chosen market

Mission Statement

To be leading provider of financial service to the poor and potentially affluent, offering innovative products delivered through innovative platforms by a competent workforce that create value for our stakeholders.

Core Values

Our core values are defined by the acronym PEARLS meaning: Passion, Ethics, Agility, Resourcefulness, Leadership, Social Responsibility

Our Partners

Why you should bank with us

Excellent Track Record.

Since inception we have stayed committed to serving our customers to the very possible best which they will hardly find elsewhere.

We are Reliable

Our existing customers can attest to the fact that we are very reliable in carrying out our banking services, no wonder they keep coming back and introducing us to others

Unparalleled Customer Service

For us Customers are Kings and Queens. We treat our customers with all sense of royalty and honour

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